Folk Magic Herbs: Agrimony

AgrimonyAgrimony is a perennial member of the Rose Family. It can grow as high as 4 feet tall, has serrated edges on its leaves, and short stemmed yellow flowers that are in bloom between the months of June & September. It is native to Northern Africa, Europe, and Western Asia though it has naturalized to large parts of the United States and Canada. It tends to grow in open spaces, hedgerows, and meadows. It favors wet soil and prefers direct sunlight, though it will do alright in partial shade.

The best time to harvest Agrimony is when its flowers first come into bloom, usually around Midsummer. You can harvest the leaves as you need them, or If you are preserving the flowers, leaves or stem for later use, then find a location that is both warm and dry. Spread out the flowers, leaves and stem on a wire rack to dry. Then store the dried out materials in an airtight jar for later use.

Agrimony is Also Known as: Church Steeples, Cockleburr, Sticklewort, & Stickwort

Planetary Influences: Jupiter

Elemental Influences: Air

Alleged Powers: Protection, Reversing, Draws Business


  • Agrimony is often used in spells and rituals to protect from and expel negative energies and influences.
  • Agrimony is also connected to Masculine Energy, Jupiter and Air.


  • Reverses curses, jinxes, and rootwork that has already been sent against you.
  • Can be used to draw customers to a business.
  • Makes the merchandise more attractive to customers.



  • Mix Agrimony with Slippery Elm bark to undo spells involving gossip, slander and enemies that talk behind your back. Carry it on your person in a mojo bag, burn it as incense, or dress a reversing candle.
  • Mix Agrimony with Salt and sprinkle it around a property, inside a home or a building to undo or reverse curses that have been directed towards people that reside there.
  • Brew into a mild tea and sprinkle it around your place of business to make your wares more attractive to potential buyers.